The Team

The Team

Sheri Zillioux
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

After many years of yo-yo dieting on different weight loss plans, Sheri was able to achieve her weight loss goals of losing 42 pounds in 4 months and has kept it off since 2014 following The Diet Center Weight Loss Done Right Protocol. As a result of her successful weight loss, she no longer has high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and is no longer considered pre-diabetic.

She opened The Diet Center Weight Loss Done Right to help others lose weight and get healthy. She is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goal and learning to keep it off!

What is a Health Coach?

Health Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values. This promotes health, wellness, and well-being. In the course of their work, health coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, honoring that each client is an expert in their life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.